What am I doing here??? (OOC)

Well, I’ll give this a shot. I am back in SL after being gone almost two years, and seeing if I can find some roleplay here. I used to play a Bard in a text only game, and after being sick for a few years with no energy, I find out that with the energy return, I miss the RP! Hopefully I can find a niche in SL, though I am not sure that there is a place in this game for someone that tells stories and songs all in text. We’ll see. I’d like there to be since that is what I enjoy doing.

The other difficulty in SL, for someone returning at least, is I think that people who have been here awhile have so many friends that they talk to in IMs (or are building, or whatever) that conversations are soooo slow for people who don’t have the massive FL and like to talk!.   Its understandable but frustrating.

The good part of SL is decorating!!  Decorating a home, an avatar, anything!!  It is so much fun, its like an extension of building a backstory.  I  guess it is all part of the character creation process, which I love. 

Why the blog? Who knows. Mostly because when I design a character, I like to write stories about them. So…. we’ll see. I have no real thought that anyone will really read them, but its still fun. So… anyway, off we go with the first story.


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