Saying hello (OOC)

A short post, inspired in multiple ways by something I read at and I hope they don’t mind me copying a part of it.

She was as new as noobs get. One day old. And this was the first place she found.  I almost didn’t say hi. Would have been a shame.  I’d have missed the best moment of the Faire. See, she goes for a biopsy this week and she’s scared.  No one has yet said, “you have cancer.” But the fear…We spoke a few minutes, about SL, Relay, the Faire. “All that money,” she said. “Why do people give so much?” I often ask myself the same. “Because you’re worth it,” I said.  L$5,262,533. $21,540 US. Worth every cent. – Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer.

First, its a good cause.  I know that fear above; a few months ago I was sitting in a chair, head leaned way back while my neck was being stuck with needles, fearful of what the tests would show and wondering just all sorts of things.  

And that leads me to my next point.  If you can, if you have time, say hello to that person looking lost.  Behind every avatar in SL is a person, a real, living person with hopes, fears, dreams and feelings. 

Maybe they are like the girl above, alone and scared.  A kind word can mean so much, can be a light, a realization that some people really do care.  Maybe it’s someone whose child is sick and SL is their social outlet, and a hello and a polite conversation is the outlet they need to make it through that day.  Who knows?

And remember, for those of us that live in various sims, you represent your sim.  I live in Cala Mondrago simply because the people I met there after my return to SL were so welcoming and friendly.  I knew I wanted to rp a gypsy when I came back, I would have never picked a desert city – yet the welcome I felt there encouraged me to try and make it work.   Other places I wandered around, I was simply ignored.  Not Cala Mondrago.

The internet is a great thing, yet it sometimes can encourage a callous anonymity.  Avatars are people.  Real people. 

I met a girl (avatar anyway, and it doesnt really matter the actuality) who worked as dancer and escort in SL.  I almost dismissed her out of hand but this time I said hi.  I found out she is from Columbia, had lived in Spain,  and has such a sweet personality.   She found out I rp a gypsy from Spain, now she is IM’ing me to give me true Spanish gestures and things (I cant wait to see them!).   I don’t know the story of her life, but I made a friend.

It may be that the person you meet doesn’t have those ‘special needs’.   But should that matter?   I believe every person is special, and by extension so is every avatar.

Yes, they (and YOU) are worth it.


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