Fiddling Around in Steelhead

Music is close to the soul of any gypsy, and if you have read my stories you know that I am no exception!  And there is nothing that is closer to that soul than the violin, and here I am pouring out my soul in Steelhead.

This outfit is another nice gypsy one.  Though it may not be multi-colored like I like in my gypsy skirts, the colors seem to be deep and rich.  And it is so far the best headband I have found in any of my outfits, and as you have seen, I usually wear this one.  The color and shading on it is good, I love the frayed edges, and it both fits and works with my hair much better than any other one I have yet tried.

I am still playing with taking pictures and editing them using Gimp.  If you have any tips, please feel free to comment.  I seem to like darker pictures with deep colors, but maybe its because I don’t know how to get brighter ones that please my eye.  Also this is the cropped version of the pic.  I liked the full one better, but it made the outfit too small to see well here.  I will put the full one on my flickr page.

Horse hair touched to catgut and the music was divine
I followed her off into the hills as I lost all track of time
I ended my trek by her firelight, and there to my surprise
A band of gypsies joined her tune with a twinkle in their eyes

A haunting air did float my way and the music tickled my ear
And before I knew it I was hooked, and I felt her drawing near

    – from Gypsy Fiddle, by Meisce

*Outfit (skirt, blouse, headband) – Falln “Dizzy Dress pink”

*Ankle bells – from the Gypsy Tears “Adora” outfit

*Prim Feet – Maitreyah “Gold”

*Hair – Beautiful Dirty Rich “Zahara”

*Bangles – Zaara “Nizam Red”

*Necklace – League “Wanderer”

Oh, and since I have it, a pic to show the back of the above outfit!!


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