Gypsy Rose

Next in my pics of gypsy fashion is a cute rose outfit from Candace Hudson.   I love the detail on the top and would probably wear this top in other colors if I had them!  The skirt is nice (though I do prefer multi-colored skirts!) and pretty – however I will say that I wish Candace Hudson skirts were a little less ‘stiff’.  I am not sure what I mean by that, its just the thought I have when I wear them.    But don’t let that put you off!!  All of her skirts are pretty, I have a number of them, and this one is no exception.

Also, I noticed I never put who my skin is, I always wear Sara by Tuli.  There is a softness to the skin that I like – less contrasts/highlighting than many skins, and I like the shade quite a bit as well – there seems to be more red and less olive than I see in many dark/tan skins.   Those are my perceptions anyway, I just go by my eye and don’t really analyze.

I continue to demo new skins as they come out, but so far I still prefer this one for those two reasons.

Ok, so the pic – I did more editing on this than usual, and I am sure most of you can see the edits and are snickering.  Remember, this is all learning for me – one of the reasons I am blogging is for incentive to play with pictures.  For this one, I had to take out all the hair that was sticking out through my shoulder and chest, and through the headband, and got rid of some weird lines and shadows.   It was a good learning experience, at least.

Waylett was working on the property nearby and Zanya was standing right next to me while I took the pic, so can you tell I was trying hard not to laugh?  🙂

Oh, say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose
Here’s her picture when she was my sweet Mary Jo
Now she’s got rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
Say has anybody seen my sweet Gypsy Rose

 – Tony Orlando & Dawn

*Outfit (Skirt, top and belt) – Candace Hudson “Gypsy Rose”  I believe this also comes with a short skirt as well.

*Headband – Falln “Dizzy Dress”

* Necklace & Earrings = Earthstones “Gypsy Multi/Gold”

*Bracelet – League “Wanderer”

*Bangles – Roger Paulino “Silver Bangles”

*Bangles – Zaara “Indra painted stacked bangles”

*Hair – Beautiful Dirty Rich “Zahara”

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”


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