Gypsy League

More gypsy-ish fashion!  I guess this may be more ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Boho’ gypsy than actual, but after all, it’s Second Life.  I am not into slavishly trying to replicate the historical gypsy, I like to put my own spin on my look.

The picture, like many others, is taken at Steelhead – Nevermoor.  The area is a kind of Goth/Alice in Wonderland feel, you should visit sometime.  Once I get my wagon built and placed, stop and say hello.

Two things on the picture.  For whatever reason, my picures tend to be on the dark side.  I am not sure why that is – perhaps because I take the pictures at night on a better computer graphically and then edit them on a much lesser one, or my eye just tends to like the darker look when I am taking them.   Or maybe the fact of where I am taking them.

Secondly, the piture below does not do the skirt justice, there is a whole second layer that I did not capture in the picture below.   Here is the marketplace picture so I can fairly represent it. 

The skirt and blouse are from League, a store that many I know frequent.  I like the Boho styles and some of the Steampunk-ish styles there, its always a fun place to shop!

*Blouse – League ‘”Seashell Blouse – red”

*Skirt – League “Nomad Maxi Skirt – Vintage Floral 3”

*Bracelet – League Wanderer

*Bangles – Zaara “Nizam – red”

*Necklace – League “Wanderer”

*Necklace – Earthstones “Gypsy multi/gold”

*Necklace – Purple gem (I need to look up the outfit this is from)

*Earrings – Earthstones “Gypsy multi/gold”

*Hair – Beautiful Dirty Rich – “Zahara”

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”

Does anyone care to know what makeups and eye liners I am wearing?  I also need to look up the pose!


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