Gypsy Wishbox

Thanks to Ahnyanka, who alerted me through Plurk of a gypsy outfit at a store I was previously unaware of, Wishbox!  I went there, and loved the outfit which is available in different colors.  As you can see, I went with the black and red.  This is a really nice outfit.

I really like the coins fringing the skirt.  I’d love to see the designer make some necklaces, earrings and bracelets, maybe even anklets, that match those coins.  I have some coin jewelry but its old (I should look for more) and I didn’t like the way it matched the coins on the skirt. 

Speaking of jewelry, the earrings are also from Wishbox and are to die for!  I love them, and only $40L.  They are large and hard to get pictures of, with clipping, but go take a look at them.  I tried to rebuild the one in the photo but am no pro so go look for yourself.

The rose headpiece also comes separate, but goes so well with the red/black outfit, I went with it as well.  The outfit doesn’t need it but it works with this color scheme, but it already comes with a headband which I like a lot.  The outfit also comes with different top versions – long sleeve, short sleeve and cropped.  Of course, I went with the cropped.

Lastly, this was one of the outfits that I felt looked much better in person and worn than it looked in the pictures at the store or in marketplace.  I was pleasantly surprised!


*Outfit  – Wishbox “Wanderlust – Gypsy Dress w/ Coin Belt Sash in Black & Red”

*Headpiece – Wishbox “Red Rose Crown – Hair Wreath Garland with Roses and Baby’s Breath – Fantasy Headband Clip”

*Earrings – Wishbox “Gypsy Hoop Earrings – Gold Hoops with Spiral Details”

*Necklace – League “Wanderer”

*Bracelets – League “Wanderer”

*Hair – Beautiful Dirty Rich “Zahara”

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)  “Random Set”

*Picture taken at Sakura.

A Plurk friend, Naomi Edenflower, also blogged this out in her blog ‘inhereoutthere’.

I got her permission to post her pics here as well, so you can see different colors and options, as well as the full skirt.   (Thanks Naomi.)
Gypsy 1

Gypsy 2


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