What did you do ‘now’, Zanya??

Ok, I couldn’t help it, but that was my first thought on seeing this pose.

So.. something new and non-gypsy today.  This is a little red mesh dress from Ison.  I like this dress and the way it lays. 

So far, I have a love/hate relationship with mesh.  I love the way mesh clothes look in many ways, but getting them to fit ‘me’ is another story.  I guess I am not a standard size, so either I have hips or shoulders peeking out, or an alpha sticking out the neckline, or if I get all those covered, my boobs are too big and its not me!  But I will keep trying.

This one worked out because it has some red layers underneath, so thats good.

The picture is taken at Sakura once again, you really should come visit the island.  It is based on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and is very peaceful and pretty.  It is a place for, among other things, relaxation and pampering.

Anyway, hope you like the pic!

*Dress – Ison ‘Cowl Neck Dress – red’

*Shoes – N-Kore ‘Vintage XtremeHeel II Red Passion’

*Earrings – Alienbear “VerVanessa Earring S4 red”

*Neckace – Alienbear “VerVanessa S3 Necklace red”

*Hair – TRUTH ‘Pandora’ espresso

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”

*Hands – SLink de Jolie

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose Random Set 2


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