Daughter of the Nile encore

It has been a while since I posted a pic, and I missed it.  A lot has changed since the last one, first being that my Niran’s Viewer just stopped working and I just can’t get it to work.  I miss how wonderful SL looks with it, and taking pictures was much more enjoyable wth it as well.  I used Firestorm for the below, and was frustrated to no end. 

I have also changed my skin.  I had been using Tuli’s Sara for a year, I just went with League’s Isla.  I like them both, but I was looking for a slighter lighter shade, and this one was what I was looking for.  It also has the softness I like, and looks a little more worldly then Sara did, which fits my new character a bit better.  I changed my eye color as well, an espress tone in mesh from Mayfly.

Speaking of my new character, one thing I like is that now I can take pictures that follow the stories, and she can wear all the clothes and costumes I like.  Most blogs will show you the latest, or newest fashions but here you are stuck with whatever catches my fancy.   Maybe not the most popular way of blogging but its fun for me.

So, below is an outfit that fits my first story – Lynn waiting for her Marc Antony…. or City Councilman… *grins*.  The outfit is from a Steamlands store, Luminous Designs, and the designer, Lumi, is a regular at Steamlands events, and is a sweetie!  The picture below does not do the outfit justice, but I was frustrated with Firestorm and said this is as good as my noob self can get.  The outfit is actually less bright and a bit more sheer ( I did turn ‘full bright’ off of the skirts) and if you are looking for a lot of neat, unusual and historical/cultural outfits, check Lumi’s place out!

*Outfit – Luminous Designs Egyptian Queen

*Hair – Tukinowaguma Leila (without the headpiece)

*Skin – League Isla

*Eyes – Mayfly espresso mesh

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose (LAP) Random #9

*Venue – this picture was taken at the Alexandria sim.  It was very nice, and I see there is roleplay there but I did not meet anyone while there.


One comment on “Daughter of the Nile encore

  1. Bulli says:

    Daughter of the Nile, Queen of the Nile… will there be sisters, cousins or nieces as well? Please introduce us!!

    And ‘Yay!’ to more pics 😉


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