Lynn’s role as Phedre nó Delauney

So recently I saw a blogger challenge ( ) to recreate in SL a favorite fictional character.  One of my favorites is Phedre nó Delauney from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series of books, so I decided to try her.  The dress was already in my mind, I had picked up the black version at the recent Vintage Fair, the ribbons and especially the veil were a little more problematic. I had a certain look in mind for the veil, and I finally found the one used below but I had to edit the placement of it.  I do like how it turned out.

The dress selected is from an important part of the second book in the series, Kushiel’s Chosen.  It is a dress ordered by and made specifically for Phedre, made for her to wear to the Midwinter Masque, and the low back revealing her marque is a message to all that the foremost courtesan of the realms is once again accepting assignations after an absence. 

The costume is of Mara, a woman who was supposedly born of the goddess Naamah’s liason with a convicted murderer.  Mara was historically the first anguisette.  The dress is described in the novel as a crimson gown of silk jersey-cloth that flows like flame.  It is close fitting to the hips, with a high neckline around the throat and almost modest from the direct front, yet the back is completely bare to show the marque.  Phedre’s hair is in an elaborate coif of ringlets, pulled up to not interfere with the bare back.  She wears a sheer black veil over her eyes, Mara’s mark of the shame of her father.  Ribbons are worn around her wrists, symbolic of the ‘specialty’ of the anguisette courtesan. 

*Dress – Rebel Hope Designs, Lalani Mesh Halter Gown

*Hair – Truth Jocelyn espresso

*Ribbons (not shown in pic) – from Caverna Obscura Dream Thief Red outfit

*Veil – from Severed Garden Melodie Green outfit

*Marque – -philliac Kushiel’s Marque

*Earrings – Alienbear VeraVanessa S4 earrings red

*Skin – League Isla

*Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh eyes

*Pose – LAP Gown with the Wind


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