Moving to Mondrago

I have taken down my backstory posts, but I will add to the story and probably repost them soon, but the big news is that I have moved to Marikesh Mondrago, a wonderful desert steampunk sim.  Mondrago is a desert port city, based somewhat on the Al Andalus cities but with steampunk twists.

It is quite pretty, has wonderful people, and is run by one of the nicest people I know, Erehwon Yoshikawa.   Its a great place for pictures, and there are often dances with Eastern music and bellydancers.    

There are also parcels available, and I would encourage any of you to check it out, and also – if you are interested in Eastern music – to just come to some of the dances there.  IM or PP me for further details, or go visit and check out the event listings.

The picture here is of an outfit I absolutely adore, and was a gift from a wonderful friend in SL.    Though I have just recently changed skins, I wanted to post this pic anyway.   First the closeup, then in my home in Mondrago.



*Outfit – ~Sa~eela~  Charang Salwar, this is partially mesh and I am wearing (believe it or not) the modest top.

*Skin – League Isla

*Hair – TRUTH Adeline

*Earrings – Earthstones

*Pose – (I need to look this up)

*Home – Marrakesh Oasis by Barnesworth Anubis


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