Truth Hair contest entries

So I decided to enter the Truth Hair contest – not out of any thought that I could actually win, with all of the wonderful, practiced and well-known photographers, models and bloggers that are entering – but with a thought that I should take pictures again!  And I will admit, I had fun again doing it.

The requirements included that the hair should be the focus, and I probably should have used a blank background.  However, I enjoy playing with backgrounds so I went with some anyway. 

And I liked the two new hairs I ‘needed’ to buy for the contest!

All pictures were taken at Sakura.

Truth 01a

Hair: Truth Gattina,
Skin: Tuli Sara bronze,
Dress: ::1bp::Cherry Cheong red

Unsure how I feel about this pic, its not my favorite.  I love the dress though.

Truth 03

Hair: Truth Selma,
Skin: Tuli Sara bronze,
Dress: .::KD::. Red Halter Neck dress

I love this hair, the dress is nice, and the pose is LAP: Gown with the Wind I believe.  Its weird, I like this picture better when it is blown up larger.

Truth 04

Hair:  Truth Selma, 
Skin: Tule Sara bronze

Same pose and all as before, but the hair is a fade one.  I tried to use the windlight to match – some people liked it a lot, some disliked it a lot!  I liked it.    My favorite comment when I asked for opinions on it though, was that I should have put my hair up!

Truth 02

Hair: Truth Selma,
Skin: Tuli Sara bronze,
Dress: !Rebel Hope Designs Lalani Halter Gown Ruby

Same pose but different perspective.  This one grew on me so in some ways it is my favorite of the bunch.  I like the background and how the colors work.  In addition, it is a dress I really like as well.

So anyway, it was a lot of fun taking these.  Hopefully with enough practice with pictures I will get better.



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