A wonderful moment

Last night I witnessed something in Second Life that truly made me cry with happiness. It was one of those rare moments when things just seem right.

First a little background. I have been inworld for close to seven years now, and as most people know, people come and go in your SL but there are some very few that stick with you forever. I am lucky in that two of them – Ahnyanka (who introduced me to SL way back when) and Erehwon – are still a major part of my SL, my very best friends even now.

The next two would be Eris and Kate. And even though Eris is not technically a part of this story, it all starts with her.

I can’t remember if I met Kate or Eris first. I think it was at swing dance I used to go to every week run by a DJ named Zef Vaughn (I think) in my first year of SL. But it was Eris that I became instant friends with. She was kind, smart and filled with love for everyone (one of the most loving and kind people I have ever met) but especially her two partners in what was the first ‘triad’ I ever saw in SL – Eris, Kate and Andr3. Eris taught me so much about SL, probably instilled in me the love of SL shopping that I have to this day, and was a dear, dear friend that I miss every day.

Then there was a Kate, one of the most wickedly intelligent people I have ever met in SL, and to me a reminder of the days when SL was new and exploratory. She had a wonderful blog (I am sure she won’t mind a link to it, even though it is old now, http://kateamdahl.livejournal.com/ ), and opened up one of the most clever gathering places I still have ever seen inworld, the Diversionarium. http://kateamdahl.livejournal.com/tag/diversionarium

I became very close to both of them, two of my favorite people ever in SL, and I was honored when they let me into their group as a best friend – the fourth in their triad, so to speak, but as a friend.

One of the things that was a common thread between them was how much they missed Andr3, who had left SL shortly before I met them. I had never met Andr3, but wished I had.

So time passed, as time is wont to do, and Eris left SL and has not been back since March of 2011. Kate’s time slowly diminished due to RL (and in my opinion, missing her two loves) and now pops in every six to ten months. When she does, I grab her, we spend time together and I try to convince her to come back. I miss her!

So last night was one of those nights, Kate came inworld. I grabbed her and sat down at Sakura to catch up, Erehwon logs in and she joins us – turns out that she and Kate were acquainted! – and Kate makes the comment that I am probably the oldest friend she ever sees anymore inworld. I am honored and flattered, and tell her that I had never left her group because it had meant so much to me. So I pull up the group for old times sake, and see the four people in the group. Eris, not in since 3/11, Kate – Online, Lynn – Online, Andr3 – Online.

I re-read… WHAT? Andr3 – Online?? And based upon what Kate had just said, she had no idea. It had been so long, possibly they both had cleaned out their friends list…. I don’t know…. so a quick IM to Andr3 hoping she doesn’t think I am some blithering idiot, “Hi, you don’t know me but I know of you and we have a very old friend in common who I know would love to see you….” (I was encouraged that Andr3 still had the group with her, Eris and Kate in her picks).

She tps in, her only words were “OMG” and she starts crying, and Kate starts crying and they are in each others arms, and I can only cry with happiness watching them. Andr3 later told me she never ever thought she would see Kate again….

We may all be avatars, but… the people are real, the emotions can be real… and it is much easier to disappear here, leaving holes in people’s hearts. So – Ahnyanka Delphin and Erehwon Yoshikawa, Kate Amdahl and Eris Fallon (wherever you are), and Seraphine Khorana (wherever you are), and Sabbrinna Sinatra – I love you all.


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