An old WOW RP post

One thing I have often enjoyed is roleplay in world, when supplemented by forum rp.  I am not a strict roleplayer so much anymore, but I miss writing the stories.    I think I have posted in the past the backstories for my old bardess from a game called DragonRealms, and of course I have Lynn’s back story here.

During my break from SL, I played WoW.  I enjoyed it but the journey of leveling more than the endgame.  I am not into raiding and scripted fights, or knowing buttons and counters.  For a while I was in a guild that was causal, encouraged some inworld rp, and forum RP.  That was fun while it lasted, and I came to really like my characters there.   I wrote a number of stories, often tied to a piece of music, and enjoyed the family dynamics of the stories.  I wish I could find them, but I appear to have lost all but one which, admittedly, was the story all the others had been building up too.  So… melodrama and all (yes ,I guess its emo) I wanted to post it anyway.

The background is that there were three Blood Elf sisters, born of a rich, conservative family in Silvermoon.  The sisters were fairly young and extremely close to each other.  I played two of them in game – the third was missing.   The oldest, Celienthalasa (I think) was the perfect daughter, and a sister that cared for and protected her younger sisters (of course I did write a story about them all sneaking out and going to a seedy tavern….).  She was a Ranger and soldier, decorated for bravery even though young, and she disappeared in battle with the undead.   This disappearance affected the younger two very much.

Lynnea (obviously my main character) is the middle sister, naive and very idealistic.  She was a musician, a singer, and a Disc Priest devoted to healing.  Celie’s disappearance hit her hard, and she is convinced that her older sister is still alive, and part of my rationale for her always traveling in WoW was her search for Celie.  She felt that she had to take Celie’s place as being strong, ‘perfect’ and protective, and feels totally inadequate for that task.   Part of the ingame roleplay was her finding herself, and the strength she really did always have.   The moment below defined herself, to herself, for years.

Katarzyna is a rogue, and Celie’s disappearance turned her more cynical, bitter and quick to anger.  After the story below, she trusts no one but herself, especially not Lynnea, who she sees as weak.   After this story, Kat left for years and, in game, I was trying to roleplay her return.  She also needs to find herself beyond the hard, violent shell.

All of the other stories were from Lynnea’s perspective, but this was not.  At the time, Lynnea was a priestess in training, and Katarzyna had not yet decided on a profession.  The setting was the fall of Silvermoon.


“Let me go!! Let me go!”  Her voice was lost in the wind, as the small figure continued to carry her through the trees. In fury, she beat wildly at the figure with her hands and with the small dagger she always carried, but the shield around her abductor held firm. There was one moment when the shield dropped, and her dagger struck home into a collarbone, eliciting a gasp of pain, but the shield was quickly restored.

It seemed like hours that she was carried through the dark, rain-swept woods but it could have only been minutes – willpower, love and fear had lent the other one strength, but strength inspired in such a way could only last for so long.

Those minutes had been enough. Her mother and father were dead, and she had not been there to protect them.

And now, the two were alone. The storm howled through the trees, a banshee cry of wind and rain. Behind them, a city was dying.

Katarzyna was set gently on the ground, and the one who had carried her fell to her knees before her, exhausted. Blood flowed unnoticed from the dagger wound, staining silken nightclothes and golden hair sodden from both rain and blood.

Looking around, she saw that they were in a little hide-away in Eversong that her and her sisters had played in when they were little, where they went when they didn’t want to be found. Of course – where else was there to go?

Finally, she gazed down at the woman kneeling before her, head bowed, vulnerable now that the glowing shield was gone. Katarzyna’s hand tightened on the dagger as the other woman sobbed.

Now that the moment had passed, she couldn’t use the dagger. Of course not. But anger and bitterness from this night remained, they would always remain, drowning out the love that had been built up over the years before. She couldn’t use her dagger, but words were a weapon that could be used to great affect.

“We could have saved them. I could have fought, you could have healed“, she spat out the opening salvo.

A whisper came back to her through the sobs. “They were gone already. You didn’t see… Father’s last words were to save you…. to save us.   I.. I couldn’t let you die…. not you too… “

She shouted back, “If you had been more advanced in your studies, perhaps you could have healed them, you could have saved them! You let them die!”

“No…”, the one word came back but without much conviction.

Yes, words were a weapon that could be used to great affect, especially when you knew your target well.

She should have stopped then, she now knows she should have, but bitterness and anger are goads hard to resist.

Even a verbal dagger can be twisted, and she twisted it now, using the pet name she had always used since she was a baby for her older sister. “You are a fool, Lynnie. A weak, naïve, hopeless, idealistic fool. Celie is dead, gone, and all your talk of no-one finding her body is a fool’s talk. Now our parents are gone, our home is gone. We have no one.”

Lynnea’s eyes met hers, pleading. “We have each other, Kat….”

Katarzyna turned and walked away from her sister.

“No, Lynnie. We don’t.”





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