Come see more of Sakura!

A friend of mine named Odessa Ibanez has published a monthly SL all pictorial magazine since August 2008 called Crush Magazine.   (Warning: NSFW).  Odessa has been a friend of the House of Sakura probably since its beginnings in 1987 as well.

For her July 2014 issue, Odessa has done an extra full issue (100+ pages) on the girls of Sakura.  To celebrate this, we are holding a cocktail party to unveil the magazine!!  The magazine will be on sale (and will only be on sale here for a bit until it is released to the general public), there will be sample pictures shown, and most of the girls in the magazine will be at the party to chat or dance with!

Erehwon Yoshikawa will be spinning some tunes and, as always at Sakura, there will be intelligent conversation (and perhaps some silly conversation as well.)  All adults are welcome, since some of the sample pictures may be a bit revealing.

If you have ever looked for a place in SL that is designed to be a relaxing refuge, with flirtatious and intelligent people, no drama, good eclectic music and great conversation, come check Sakura out!







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