Night Elf Sentinel

So we had a Fantasy Ball at Sakura, I decided to go as a Night Elf Sentinel.  I had a lot of fun with putting the costume together, and taking the pic.  Very little processing done on the pic at all.

Two things I don’t like – the hair’s texture.  I had to tint the hair, but even previous to that the texture was not great, and it shows up worse in the picture.  But it was the exact style I wanted, with the feral look, the feathers, etc and being pressed for time I went with it.

Secondly, I forgot to wear my prim eyebrows for the pic.  They were ok, but oh well!


The Night Elf Sentinels are the all-female elite guard of the Night Elf culture.  Many wear the impractical armor seen below (they specialize in light and medium armor).  Often good with the bow or moonglaives, they protect Night Elf settlements from the depredations of the Horde!

These warrior women practice both the art of combat, as well as that of healing and life-giving in the name of moon goddess Elune. The Sentinels are considered the elite fighters among the night elves. They are led by the priestesses of the Moon under the high priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind. The Sentinels are comprised of elite night elf archers, a cavalry division known as the huntresses who ride the feral nightsaber panthers, and the mighty hippogryph riders, who assault enemies from the air.



Night Elf2

Wearing (I will put what I remember, at least the store I got them)

  • Maitreya Lara mesh body
  • Lumae skin
  • Various pieces of armor from The Forge (different sets)
  • E-Motions hair
  • Eldar Bow from The Forge
  • Quiver and cape from a Lady Sylvanas avatar

I will try to get more detail when I have it.





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