Cyber Courtesan

Our monthly theme dance at Sakura on May 1st was a science fiction theme, and I wanted something different than a latex catsuit – though admittedly those are nice!  I thought some kind of courtesan ‘bot would be fun, so below is what I came up with.


Outfit (gown with integrated corset/gloves) – Metatheodora Star of Venus ballgown – this also comes with a nice headress and pasties which I did not use.

Ear Pods – Metatheodora Cyber Earpods Blue

Pasties – NeurolaB Inc. Sensiva Nipples

Hair – Tukinowaguma Divine

Skin – Lara Hurley Emily Dark Tan

Eyes – CyberEYE v2.1 GLOW Control

Sim – a Bladerunner sim (sorry I dont remember the name right now)