Cyber Courtesan

Our monthly theme dance at Sakura on May 1st was a science fiction theme, and I wanted something different than a latex catsuit – though admittedly those are nice!  I thought some kind of courtesan ‘bot would be fun, so below is what I came up with.


Outfit (gown with integrated corset/gloves) – Metatheodora Star of Venus ballgown – this also comes with a nice headress and pasties which I did not use.

Ear Pods – Metatheodora Cyber Earpods Blue

Pasties – NeurolaB Inc. Sensiva Nipples

Hair – Tukinowaguma Divine

Skin – Lara Hurley Emily Dark Tan

Eyes – CyberEYE v2.1 GLOW Control

Sim – a Bladerunner sim (sorry I dont remember the name right now)


Trying to look chic

It seems like I blog ‘different’ stuff or old stuff, but this post is a little different.  These items are relatively new, and modern, and I am sure have been blogged numerous times before.  But I liked them. 

The top and skirt are from ColdLogic (I think the skirt came out on 10/28), the boots are the Gos Equestrian, stockings from Erratic. I really like those, I got them in the black and in red.

Earrings are from Earthstones, and the glasses from Hatpin.  Skin is League.  The key is from KOS (I think).  I have trouble fitting it, I may replace it as it is something I want to wear with everything and want to be happy with it. 

Hair is new from Dura, not sure if it works well with my face or not.  The pose is Adorkable from the Legs set, seemed to fit the outfit.  Pic was taken at the outside deck at the Cannery. You should visit there sometime, its a nice place.  And you could meet me!!  (Ok, ok go there anyway).

The closeup looks a bit serious, not sure how happy I am with it!

Drow Spider Queen

So, I went to the Gacha Arcade just to see what it was all about and tried the Glam Affair for $75L and got this skin.  I liked it so much then I had to build my Halloween costume around it.  So my inexpensive skin cost me much more than the $75L!!

I also took a lot of pics, I hope you don’t mind.  I played with poses and various windlight settings. 

The skin is Glam Affair, and the boots are the new Gos Equestrian mesh ones (they are wonderful, I got three pair).   The eyes are from Mayfly, while the poses and the rope web are from Chanimations.  The outfit, which includes the actual web itself, is from Marianela’s Art in Fashion, while the jewelry, red silks, and spider legs are from Oo Morph Studios.    I need to double check on the hair.





Lynn’s role as Phedre nó Delauney

So recently I saw a blogger challenge ( ) to recreate in SL a favorite fictional character.  One of my favorites is Phedre nó Delauney from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series of books, so I decided to try her.  The dress was already in my mind, I had picked up the black version at the recent Vintage Fair, the ribbons and especially the veil were a little more problematic. I had a certain look in mind for the veil, and I finally found the one used below but I had to edit the placement of it.  I do like how it turned out.

The dress selected is from an important part of the second book in the series, Kushiel’s Chosen.  It is a dress ordered by and made specifically for Phedre, made for her to wear to the Midwinter Masque, and the low back revealing her marque is a message to all that the foremost courtesan of the realms is once again accepting assignations after an absence. 

The costume is of Mara, a woman who was supposedly born of the goddess Naamah’s liason with a convicted murderer.  Mara was historically the first anguisette.  The dress is described in the novel as a crimson gown of silk jersey-cloth that flows like flame.  It is close fitting to the hips, with a high neckline around the throat and almost modest from the direct front, yet the back is completely bare to show the marque.  Phedre’s hair is in an elaborate coif of ringlets, pulled up to not interfere with the bare back.  She wears a sheer black veil over her eyes, Mara’s mark of the shame of her father.  Ribbons are worn around her wrists, symbolic of the ‘specialty’ of the anguisette courtesan. 

*Dress – Rebel Hope Designs, Lalani Mesh Halter Gown

*Hair – Truth Jocelyn espresso

*Ribbons (not shown in pic) – from Caverna Obscura Dream Thief Red outfit

*Veil – from Severed Garden Melodie Green outfit

*Marque – -philliac Kushiel’s Marque

*Earrings – Alienbear VeraVanessa S4 earrings red

*Skin – League Isla

*Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh eyes

*Pose – LAP Gown with the Wind


Daughter of the Nile encore

It has been a while since I posted a pic, and I missed it.  A lot has changed since the last one, first being that my Niran’s Viewer just stopped working and I just can’t get it to work.  I miss how wonderful SL looks with it, and taking pictures was much more enjoyable wth it as well.  I used Firestorm for the below, and was frustrated to no end. 

I have also changed my skin.  I had been using Tuli’s Sara for a year, I just went with League’s Isla.  I like them both, but I was looking for a slighter lighter shade, and this one was what I was looking for.  It also has the softness I like, and looks a little more worldly then Sara did, which fits my new character a bit better.  I changed my eye color as well, an espress tone in mesh from Mayfly.

Speaking of my new character, one thing I like is that now I can take pictures that follow the stories, and she can wear all the clothes and costumes I like.  Most blogs will show you the latest, or newest fashions but here you are stuck with whatever catches my fancy.   Maybe not the most popular way of blogging but its fun for me.

So, below is an outfit that fits my first story – Lynn waiting for her Marc Antony…. or City Councilman… *grins*.  The outfit is from a Steamlands store, Luminous Designs, and the designer, Lumi, is a regular at Steamlands events, and is a sweetie!  The picture below does not do the outfit justice, but I was frustrated with Firestorm and said this is as good as my noob self can get.  The outfit is actually less bright and a bit more sheer ( I did turn ‘full bright’ off of the skirts) and if you are looking for a lot of neat, unusual and historical/cultural outfits, check Lumi’s place out!

*Outfit – Luminous Designs Egyptian Queen

*Hair – Tukinowaguma Leila (without the headpiece)

*Skin – League Isla

*Eyes – Mayfly espresso mesh

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose (LAP) Random #9

*Venue – this picture was taken at the Alexandria sim.  It was very nice, and I see there is roleplay there but I did not meet anyone while there.

What did you do ‘now’, Zanya??

Ok, I couldn’t help it, but that was my first thought on seeing this pose.

So.. something new and non-gypsy today.  This is a little red mesh dress from Ison.  I like this dress and the way it lays. 

So far, I have a love/hate relationship with mesh.  I love the way mesh clothes look in many ways, but getting them to fit ‘me’ is another story.  I guess I am not a standard size, so either I have hips or shoulders peeking out, or an alpha sticking out the neckline, or if I get all those covered, my boobs are too big and its not me!  But I will keep trying.

This one worked out because it has some red layers underneath, so thats good.

The picture is taken at Sakura once again, you really should come visit the island.  It is based on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and is very peaceful and pretty.  It is a place for, among other things, relaxation and pampering.

Anyway, hope you like the pic!

*Dress – Ison ‘Cowl Neck Dress – red’

*Shoes – N-Kore ‘Vintage XtremeHeel II Red Passion’

*Earrings – Alienbear “VerVanessa Earring S4 red”

*Neckace – Alienbear “VerVanessa S3 Necklace red”

*Hair – TRUTH ‘Pandora’ espresso

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”

*Hands – SLink de Jolie

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose Random Set 2

Gypsy Wishbox

Thanks to Ahnyanka, who alerted me through Plurk of a gypsy outfit at a store I was previously unaware of, Wishbox!  I went there, and loved the outfit which is available in different colors.  As you can see, I went with the black and red.  This is a really nice outfit.

I really like the coins fringing the skirt.  I’d love to see the designer make some necklaces, earrings and bracelets, maybe even anklets, that match those coins.  I have some coin jewelry but its old (I should look for more) and I didn’t like the way it matched the coins on the skirt. 

Speaking of jewelry, the earrings are also from Wishbox and are to die for!  I love them, and only $40L.  They are large and hard to get pictures of, with clipping, but go take a look at them.  I tried to rebuild the one in the photo but am no pro so go look for yourself.

The rose headpiece also comes separate, but goes so well with the red/black outfit, I went with it as well.  The outfit doesn’t need it but it works with this color scheme, but it already comes with a headband which I like a lot.  The outfit also comes with different top versions – long sleeve, short sleeve and cropped.  Of course, I went with the cropped.

Lastly, this was one of the outfits that I felt looked much better in person and worn than it looked in the pictures at the store or in marketplace.  I was pleasantly surprised!


*Outfit  – Wishbox “Wanderlust – Gypsy Dress w/ Coin Belt Sash in Black & Red”

*Headpiece – Wishbox “Red Rose Crown – Hair Wreath Garland with Roses and Baby’s Breath – Fantasy Headband Clip”

*Earrings – Wishbox “Gypsy Hoop Earrings – Gold Hoops with Spiral Details”

*Necklace – League “Wanderer”

*Bracelets – League “Wanderer”

*Hair – Beautiful Dirty Rich “Zahara”

*Skin – Tuli “Sara”

*Pose – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)  “Random Set”

*Picture taken at Sakura.

A Plurk friend, Naomi Edenflower, also blogged this out in her blog ‘inhereoutthere’.

I got her permission to post her pics here as well, so you can see different colors and options, as well as the full skirt.   (Thanks Naomi.)
Gypsy 1

Gypsy 2