Trying to look chic

It seems like I blog ‘different’ stuff or old stuff, but this post is a little different.  These items are relatively new, and modern, and I am sure have been blogged numerous times before.  But I liked them. 

The top and skirt are from ColdLogic (I think the skirt came out on 10/28), the boots are the Gos Equestrian, stockings from Erratic. I really like those, I got them in the black and in red.

Earrings are from Earthstones, and the glasses from Hatpin.  Skin is League.  The key is from KOS (I think).  I have trouble fitting it, I may replace it as it is something I want to wear with everything and want to be happy with it. 

Hair is new from Dura, not sure if it works well with my face or not.  The pose is Adorkable from the Legs set, seemed to fit the outfit.  Pic was taken at the outside deck at the Cannery. You should visit there sometime, its a nice place.  And you could meet me!!  (Ok, ok go there anyway).

The closeup looks a bit serious, not sure how happy I am with it!


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